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About Us

At any time if you are seeking for security, it doesn’t just mean that you are in an immediate danger. Or worse, might be about to get harmed. It’s just natural that you want to be protected and cared for. That’s exactly what the law-and-enforcement also covers. And, that’s exactly why we are here for you.

Most of our clients ask as to why protection maybe something important for them. So here is your answer – it’s not about immediate harm, but possible safety precautions to keep that harm at bay.


Our Slogan Is Our Mission Statement

It is simple as to be able to provide all clients our utmost possible available man-force to keep them, their offices, and employees – all safe and protected. We are atime-honored, unfailing and qualified security lookoutcorporation.

We present exalted competence in delivering security services for customers with operatedsecurityspecifications.

All of our clients are offered discreet, trained and veteran security guard team. All of our squad members understand the necessity to be focused and help when needed.

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Our Guards Are Talented To Overcome Danger

Our team of security guards isn’t ordinary people. We have hired our team with every situation and circumstance in mind. This is to be able to offer you the fines high-quality choice with transparency.

All of our security guards are trained and licensed to ensure that whatever tasks are assigned are fulfilled. We also make sure that all our security guards are scrutinized to governing standards and senior associates of staff comportment regular quality assertion instructions. Thus, we ensure that your premises are fully covered with quality surveillance.

Our Promise Is Your Safety

All of our clients are our promise of excellence. Our security packages have the highest prevailing norms of services included. Our lineup of the manned guarding security team is up for any challenge. We are a client-focused operating organization. We know what you expect when you come to us, and so ensure the delivery leaves you satisfied with our availability. Your security is our main priority, and we never compromise on it.

Your safety - our work

4 monitoring center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, watch out for your safety!

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We Don’t Follow Ordinary Procedures

Our team is always available for open discussion on your safety and satisfaction. Usually, there is a demo to ensure all your concerns are covered. The analytical team at our headquarters analyzes the situation and share the best resource and backup. Lastly, we also carry security inspections and audits to see any weak spots and to be able to cover them. All the equipment and gadgets are up-to-date to ensure better channeling of any worse scenario.  Thus, we ensure to deliver you the highest amenity plans. We not only cover buildings but also people. We encourage a healthy relationship to ensure better understanding. Thus, we offer mobile watch, CCTV coverage, solo bodyguards, and detailed site coverage. Our team of specialists keeps backup surveillance as well. Let it be a construction site security or retail security, you can count on us. Our services cover all general requirements of a healthy society. But, that doesn’t mean we are not open to suggestions. If you think, you have a better understanding, come and talk to us. We are available 24/7, just call to set an appointment with our experts.

We have a strong team, from the Director/Manager to our Administrative/Control room assistants to our Security Officers.

The Director/Manager;

Esmaeel Aziz is the Director of A R Security, he ensures that a succinct service is provided to all clients. He overlooks the control room officers and is responsible for taking reasonable actions to everyday challenges. His role also enforces that he ensures all his staff adhere to health and safety policies and procedures.

Omar Aziz is the Manager of A R Security, He manages the security officers, working alongside the Director, and ensures that there is a balanced workforce. He is the main control room operator, he manages holidays and cover.

The Administrative;

Our Adminis are polite, reliable and welcoming individuals, the book and carry out interviews, they arrange meetings, answer your emails and phone calls. They work under the supervision of the manager or director.

The Security Officers;

  • Available 24/7
  • SIA Licenced
  • Screened and Vetted, background checked.
  • Experienced individuals
  • From all locations across the West Midlands